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Treating Flu Virus – in Adults

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Treating Flu Virus

Your cold, nauseated and haven’t been able to stay awake for more than a few hours at a time, admit it, you have the flu. But what is the flu exactly and how do we treat it?

The flu in the medical world is known as influenza and is an extremely common virus that mutates every couple of years. Even going to the doctor, once they identify your illness as the flu there isn’t much that they can do as antibiotics will only treat bacterial infections. Unlike bacterial infections, viruses simply have to run their course through your body. Your immune system has a big job, but it can take on many many challenges, it’s estimated that your immune system saves you from potentially life threatening illnesses on a daily basis.

The flu is a common virus passed very similarly like the common cold. Symptoms include sweating, headaches, nausea, dry cough, muscle spasms, diarrhea, headaches and fatigue. This can be very very unpleasant and cause you to have to deter from your regular life and even keep yourself from family members.

The body, being the amazing machine that it is will self-purge the majority of existing illnesses from the body, but there are definitely things you can do that will speed this process along. From the time you are exposed, to the time you get symptoms and beyond did you know that you can indeed further spread the flu virus? The day before you show symptoms you have already been infected several days, by this time, you now have enough of the virus that it can be transferred through your saliva. Even taking a couple days off however may not be sufficient in order to allow you to be completely healthy. Up to seven days after symptoms occur, even if the symptoms are no longer present, you can still spread the flu.

Before symptoms are ever present you run the risk of spreading the virus to people around you. Therefore once you realize you have any kind of symptom it is best to get the nutrition you need, the water you need and the rest you need. If you live with other try to be mindful that any surface you touch can be a source of contamination for them, whether it’s a door handle or a hairbrush. Going to the doctor, they’ll tell you, stay home! Sleep! And attempt to stay hydrated. If symptoms become worse you should go to the emergency room as with anything causing diarrhea and vomiting, you run the risk of becoming dangerously dehydrated.

Sometimes with the dry cough it’s going to be very unpleasant and cause your throat to hurt. There are several sprays as well as numbing lozenges that may temporarily help you if your throat isn’t feeling very well and keeping you from resting. Because your body is attempting to purge the sickness from your body, some doctors recommend a warm steamy shower to help your body “sweat it out”. Ultimately the flu is an illness we have to let run its course, while taking care of our own body as it does its job.