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Can Smoking Make PMS Worse?

We all know that smoking is an unhealthy habit. What most people don’t know though is that it also has specific negative effects on women who are going through PMS.


Smoking women aged 27 to 44 years are two times more likely to acquire PMS than those who don’t smoke. Acne, bloating, and backaches are only some of the effects of premenstrual syndrome. It is also noted that smokers develop irregular periods more than their non-smoking counterparts.

Studies On PMS And Smoking

PMS-And-SmokingMore than 20% of women get PMS. To look further into this smoking-PMS relationship, the Bertone-Johnson team examined the analysis from the Nurse’s Health Study II. The report looked into 116,678 US registered nurses from 1989 and onward. They found out that 1,057 of nurses have premenstrual syndrome. Bertone-Johnson and her colleagues even suggested that most PMS victims are likely to be smokers.

The more a woman’s smokes, the higher the risk of having PMS. Women who started smoking before their 15th birthday are more than twice as likely to acquire this PMS.

Bertone-JohnsonBertone-Johnson clarified that their findings do not suggest that PMS develops more on women who began smoking when they’re still young than those who started smoking in their later years. She adds that previous findings have suggested that smoking affects estrogen and progesterone. Smoking can also lessen vitamin D levels, which further increases the risk of acquiring PMS.


Other Effects Of Smoking

This does not bode well in today’s society since more and more young women are experimenting with cigarettes. This then increases the number of PMS sufferers in the future.

Effects Of Smoking

Aside from acquiring PMS early on, smoking can cause other debilitating diseases such as cancer, infections and speeding up of menopause. Menopause can start early, in the ages between 43 and 50, when smoking becomes a habit. Non-smokers usually go through menopause between 46 and 51 years of age.

Tips To Quit Smoking

Just like other bad habits, smoking is hard to break. A lot of smokers have tried and failed many times. It takes time and a lot of determination and will, but quitting is definitely possible.
One of the simplest ways to quit smoking is to do it gradually. Just lessen the number of sticks that you smoke per day, then lessen it even more after a week, and so on. This gradual process gives you some time to get used to the absence of the habit, which makes it easier for you to totally quit.


There are also products that can be purchased to help you quit smoking. There are nicotine patches, nicotine gums, etc. available on the market today. The purpose of these products is to provide your body with the nicotine that it craves without the actual act of smoking. Once you’re used to that, you can then stop with the substitutes.

Smoking Make PMS

For more severe cases, there are medical interventions that can be done. Hypnosis is also a growing solution for smokers who can’t quit the habit. Several sessions are needed for the hypnosis to take full effect. People have testified that this method is effective and also prevents the person from going back to the habit in the future.