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Exercises Help Prevent Back Pain

Exercises that will strengthen your back to prevent back pain


Having a routine exercise is beneficial for your health. Moreover, the right set of exercises can be very good for prevention of back pain. A holistic routine that targets your back involves three key exercise types: core, cardio and stretching.

There are different kinds of exercises that you can try but it is important to note that before trying out any of these, it is best to consult your doctor, just in case you have special needs that must be taken into consideration. It is also wise to attend a class or two in the fitness center, gym or yoga studio, under the instruction of a professional trainer or instructor, before trying these exercises out all by yourself.

  • Core exercises

Core exercises are great for back pain prevention. A weak core can result to back pains, as your back muscles tend to compensate for the abdomen. Core exercises strengthen the your abdomen area so it can be strong enough to share considerable load that your back would otherwise have to bear.


There are different kinds of core exercises that you can try. One of the popular ones is the plank. The plank is ideal for people who want to start building their core strength without putting much strain on their back (unlike sit-ups). You can try the full or half plank.

The half or in some cases, quarter sit-ups are also great core exercises. Basically, instead of doing the full sit-up that goes all the way to your knees, just lift you upper body, with focus on your core, and keep doing this for four intervals of eights. Remember to breathe steadily during this exercise. This is also a good way to slowly build your core strength as you increase your intervals in a gradual pace.

  • Cardio exercises

Help Prevent Back Pain

Strengthening your core and your back should be backed up by aerobic exercises. Cardio routines such as swimming or jogging are great for your back too. Swimming is considered as a full body workout as your whole body is engaged when you do your laps, so spending thirty minutes or so in the pool might be a great idea. Jogging is also a great cardio exercise. Remember to consult your trainer before doing strenuous running, to make sure you don’t get knee injuries.

  • Stretching and toning exercises

Yoga and Pilates are great for back pain prevention. The breathing practice combined with the poses are a great way to warm up muscles that you do not normally use, such as your lower back muscles.

There are specific yoga poses that promote prevention of back pain.
The two-knee twist is a favorite and is very easy to do. Lie on your back, bend you knees to your chest and spread your arms sideways.

As you exhale, you bring your knee to the ground, starting from one side. Keep your shoulders pressed to the ground as you do this. Breathe through this pose before doing the other side. This is great for your lower back. There are other poses that you can do, but it’s best to ask your yoga or Pilates instructor about what best suits you given your physique and background.