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Difference between Interior Decorating and Interior Designing?

A bit about both Interior Decorating and Interior Designing:


By definition interior designing is a form of art and science that is an understanding of people’s behavior in order to create spaces that are functional within a building. And by definition interior decorating is the decoration of a space or otherwise known as furnishing an area or adorning a room with items that are beautiful as well as fashionable. With that being said one of the most important things that should be known is that those who are professional interior designers can decorate as well but those who are professional decorators tend to not design at all.


When it comes to the profession of interior designing there is certain schooling that is required as well as some training, they should be familiar with architecture, drawing, design, CAD and more. There is also usually an exam that needs to be passed before they actually are called a designer.

professional interior designer

A professional interior designer is someone who is comfortable with planning anything no matter what the space looks like; it is easy for them to craw and create something up. They are someone who does not just help to make the place look better but they also help to make the place more accessible and functional. It does not matter if you want to build an office a hotel, a home or any other kind of space an interior designer comes in handy and in situations like these they tend to work very closely to contractors as well as architects to better achieve what the client is wanting.


As for the profession of interior decorating there really is no formal schooling or training that is needed and this is because they do not really have anything to do with planning the structure of something, they tend to come in after the fact and mess around with the surface of the area. With that being said there may not be schooling that is required, there are several courses and kinds of programs that can be taken in which help to better assist you with the knowledge of the styles of furniture, planning the space you have to work with, laying out rooms, colors and fabrics and more.


A professional interior designer is known for whipping a room up into shape, they help to determine a style to go with, a color scheme and work with your budget to purchase furniture and accessories to go in that room. Since an interior designer is more about sprucing places and rooms up they work at times rather closely to those who are upholsterers, those who are furniture makers and several other kinds of industry professionals as well.

will need an interior designer

The one that you should hire comes down to what your needs are. If there changes to the structure that need to be done then you will need an interior designer, these can include removing a wall, moving the plumbing around, adding in a new window or door and more. When it comes to the style of a room and not the structure of it this is where you need an interior decorator. They do everything from the wallpaper and the paint to the window treatments, the furniture and more.