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Garden insects Pests That you Should Watch Out For

garden insects

insects are literally everywhere; indoors, outdoors and most certainly in your garden. But, not all insects pose a grievous threat. Some are needed to help sustain life on earth, like bees and spiders. Experienced landscapers and gardeners understand the importance of beneficial insects. They nurture them since good insects help in the overall ecosystem of your garden. However, there are also common insect pests which need to be killed off.

Scientists estimated that there are 10 quintillion insects living in the world. The estimated figure alone is already enough to stop and think how can we possibly spot a good insect and a bad insect. So, what are the common insect pests that every garden owner should be aware of? Here are some of them.

  • Good Garden insects


Bees – probably one of the most easily noticeable flying beauties a person may find in every garden. As we all know, bees are the best vector of pollination essential to support the flowering

plant life cycle. Keeping them around your garden is very beneficial.

Garden-BeetlesBeetles – they may look frightening, but most beetles don’t bite. Beetles are considered the great predators in your garden. They feed on soil-dwelling pests

such as maggots, snails, slugs, and cutworms.

ladybugs-in-gardenLadyBugs – others might think ladybugs are harmful to your plants. It is actually the other way around. They are beautiful and unique for sure, but these bugs are very useful in keeping away and controlling aphid infestation in one’s garden. A single ladybug can eat up to 50 aphids a day.

  • Harmful Garden insects

If there are good insects, there are also bad and harmful insects. Here are the top three devastating insects you should look out for.

aphids-gardenAphids – consult a professional gardener and he or she will give you an essay about how aphids are harmful. Aphids are bugs that suck sap from plants. Your garden will look malnourished and weak. What’s worse is that they are difficult to spot. They attack the underside of the leaves, hiding in plain sight.

Colorado-BeetleColorado Beetle – this innocent-looking yellow black striped beetle is a very serious pest in one’s garden especially on potatoes; both larvae and adult feed on the leaves. If you happen to see a Colorado beetle, by all means, remove it right away.

garden-caterpillarsCaterpillars – spare the advocacy on lovely butterflies freely flying in the air. Caterpillars have insatiable eating habits that can put your plants in bad shape. Seriously, it is not necessary to kill it but just remove it and put it somewhere else.

Final Words

Look carefully before leaving or eliminating insects in your garden. The above mentioned insects are quite common in gardens. They might exist in your garden right now. The key here is to have the right knowledge and wisdom once you encounter these insects.

Having a garden is a serious, yet enjoyable, responsibility. You have life literally growing outside your house. That’s why keeping it in good shape is a top priority. Be more vigilant and proactive with knowing your insects. Learn how to handle them — take care of the beneficial ones and axe the pests. In gardening, insects can be your best friends or your worst enemies.

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