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Eight Tips to guide you to picking the right color scheme

Tips for Choosing the Right Color Combinations:

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Redoing a room is hard enough let alone having to remodel an entire house and choosing the color scheme alone for just one room can be so stressful and overwhelming but exciting as well. With so many colors to choose from and then shades of those colors as well as wallpapers, moldings, color combinations the mixtures you can make of everything are endless and can leave you wanting more and more and then when you put it all together it can look bad. To help make things easier below are eight tips that you need to go through to get you to the end point of a beautiful new room sooner.

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Tip one is to choose a color palette to go with a large piece of artwork or furniture that is in the room in which has a pattern. An example of this can be of a large oriental rug that serves as the centerpiece for the furniture to sit on; you will want to choose beige or a white for the main wall color and then the other decorations can be off colors of these. The second tip is to start with the areas of the house that are more formal, these tend to be areas that you enter through, a dining room, a living room and more.

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The rooms can have a similar color scheme with one main color; say you have a red sofa you can choose something that is more of a burgundy for the den or the office. The third tip is that you should start decorating the room with whatever the darkest color is that you are using then move on to the lightest color that you are using. Dark colors are good for floors, medium colors are ideal for walls and light colors are good for the ceilings. Tip four is that you should focus on the main colors you see within your own wardrobe. This is because people usually buy clothes in colors that they like and or look really good in so your room and color scheme should reflect that because it will be great for your mood and your clothes.


Tip five is a very simple one; just refer to the color wheel for anything and everything. The color wheel is there for a reason, colors together such as blue and green are next to each other because they are good for relaxing and are ideal in areas that are private such as a bathroom or bedroom. And adding a little bit of black is always a good room winner such as a black picture frame or a black vase. The sixth tip is about the well-known rule of sixty to thirty to ten when it comes to color schemes.

This means you should only have about sixty percent of the room decorated with the most dominant color and only thirty percent of the room decorated with the secondary color and then only ten percent of the room decorated with the accent color.

As for tip seven it is to kind of go with the flow, or in this sense to use the architecture to your advantage, with that being said it means to let your smaller rooms be decorated with rich and dark color schemes to nurture you and leave the bigger rooms to be decorated with lighter colors so that they look even bigger and the last tip which is tip eight is all about following what your personal style is this will just let you see what you love all of the time.