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anger issues – is anger can be healthy?

Anger issues described as a negative characteristic. Excessive anger can definitely be detrimental to your health and social life. However, anger has also been found to be motivating and healthy, as long as it is not in excess.

anger issues

It will be explained how anger is not always a negative characteristic, and can actually be beneficial to your physical and social health.

It will also be shown how proper use of anger can lead to success in life.

Why Anger can be Healthy

Although excessive anger can be detrimental to your relationships, you should not completely hide your anger from others.

Research has shown that hiding your anger can lead to tension in your relationships, as you are not effectively communicating what is bothering you. Showing that you are angry in a justified and mature manner can help resolve the issues in a relationship. Be sure that when you are angry, you are not taking an ad hominem approach, but rather using your anger to effectively solve the issue.


Also be sure that you are not making more of the situation than what is necessary. If you find yourself with excessive anger, you may wish to reflect on the situation. By reflecting on the situation, you may find that your excessive anger is unjustified. Also, it is not healthy to be angry “behind someone’s back.”

anger issues

The best approach is to confront who you are upset with, and maturely tell him/her how you feel. Hiding your anger will only cause your emotions to build up, leading to hostility in your relationship. Hiding your anger can also lead to high blood pressure and heart conditions.

Although it may seem to be a strange approach, research has shown that if you are angry, less people will make demands from you than if you are happy. Possibly, if individuals notice that you are angry, they will not wish to associate with you, and thus not make as many demands.

However, remember that to create beneficial results, your anger must not be excessive. It must be justified.

Possibly the most beneficial aspect of anger is its motivating force. Those who are angry tend to get more done than those who are happy. This is logical as if you are angry about something, you will want it changed.

The first step to success is being motivated. As anger acts as motivation, you will be well on your way to success.

What’s the Best Way to Handle Anger Issues?

Handle Anger Issues

There are an abundance of techniques that can aid with your anger issues. Dealing with these issues is important as excessive anger can lead to serious medical conditions, including heart disease.

Moreover, excessive anger may lead to hostility in your relationships and social life. It is time to start living a fulfilling and free life by getting control of your anger.

Tips will be given on how to best handle your anger, and when to seek professional help.

Handling Your Anger Issues

One way to deal with anger is to recognize the warning signs before they take a hold of you. When you are becoming angry, you will notice that you will begin to get tense and your heart rate will increase. Notice these warning signs, and take proper precautions.


One way you may calm yourself is through deep breathing techniques. Breath in deeply, expanding your stomach and not your chest. Expanding you chest will only get you tenser. Another technique is to reflect on what is getting you upset.

You will likely find that most things are not worth being upset over. You may change your approach to upsetting situations by thinking over what other options you have aside from getting angry.

You will find that reflecting on the situation and responding calmly will be the most effective approach.

through exercise

Another popular method of relaxation is through exercise. Many state that exercise reduces stress, and thus helps to be less angry. It is also important to take time for yourself to reflect over your life and just relax. Of course, a great way to help ease your anger is by talking about it to someone else.

An underlying issue may be causing your anger, and finding a special friend to talk to about these anger issues is of great importance.

Another strategy to controlling your anger issues is through positive thinking. It is often irrational to be upset over much of what we are confronted with in life. By changing to more rational, positive thinking, you may change your outlook on life, allowing you to better relax.

When to Get Treatment

For many, more than self-help is needed. There are various ways you can get professional help to break free of your excessive anger. One approach is by seeking out a therapist. Talking to a therapist about your concerns will assist you in finding and controlling the underlying reasons for your anger.

free and happy life

Your therapist will give you helpful tips on how to let go of what is holding you back, so you will be able to start living a free and happy life. Another approach is anger management classes. Through anger management classes, you will be able to receive therapy while also being surrounded with individuals with similar issues as your own.

With the support received through anger management, you will thrive and see the results of your hard work in a matter of weeks.


Anger issues can be a serious hindrance on your social life. You do not have to quit and allow it to keep control over you, however. There are many who seek professional help for their problems with anger, and go on to lead happy, healthy lives.

It has been shown that anger is not always a negative emotion. As long as it is justified and not excessive, anger can be greatly beneficial. Although anger issues can improve your relationships, keep individuals from making demands from you, and be a motivating factor, your anger must be justified.

Excessive anger will not help the situation, and will only hinder your life and relationships. Moreover, if you hide your anger or use excessive anger, this can be harmful to your health by possibly leading to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Using your anger effectively is a great way to stay motivated and keep your relationships healthy

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